What is the status of the MJ apps?

The Company licensed MJ content from MJ content owners.  Two MJ apps were created, approved for sale, and released on dates publicized.  The Company was asked by a third party with a legal interest in other MJ content to refrain from selling the apps in order to negotiate the possible release of more apps in conjuction with, in addition to, or instead of the apps in question.  The Company was also asked by the third party not to release any more PR about the apps until negotiations were settled. The Company agreed and honored the request, removing the apps from sale, believing it to be in the best interest of all parties involved for various reasons.

The Company considers negotiations slow yet on-going, and understands the concern of some shareholders with the extended timeline, however when working on deals of this magnitude with one of the most popular artists in history, these type of negotiations may take considerable time.  Due to the sensitivity and complex nature of these negotiations, and the number of parties involved, the Company cannot give an estimate of when they will be concluded or their outcome.

What is the status of the media libraries the company wanted to buy?

The Company as of yet has not been able to obtain the estimated 5M needed to purchase mainstream popular libraries.  The Company has however obtained other libraries including recently a large travel portfolio with thousands of titles that we expect to increase our revenues, barring any un-forseen problems.  The Company is still exploring all available options in order to purchase these media libraries.

What can I do to help the company?

The best thing you can do is to tell your friends and family about our apps, they make great Holiday gifts.  If you buy one, be sure to leave a positive review if you like it.  You can also go to our facebook page and “like” us and get a free app.

Why are there so many  negative comments on certain boards?

We believe its the work of one or two paid “bashers” using mulitple acccounts working for/with individuals or groups that have a financial interest in seeing the company’s stock go lower.  These practices are illegal, however they can be difficult to stop especially when the ISP is unresponsive and un-moderated.

Steps have already been taken to identify the individuals and various options are being evaluated including working with federal law enforcement.  We expect these practices to an end in the near future once the individuals are contacted by law enforcement and/or our lawyers.

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