As Apple brings its wildly successful App Store phenomenon from iOS to the Mac, Amazon is launching its own Android app store.

It’s been nearly three years since Apple opened its original iPhone App Store to resounding success. Since then, the company has constantly refined its App Store policies and practices in anticipation or reaction of users’ and developers’ expectations, expanding to include iPad apps last year, and today extending to Mac apps.

One of the biggest problems for Google’s Android platform is that there’s no great app store; there are several options, with Google’s own Android Market being the most prominent.

Amazon hopes to solve this problem by taking over Google’s role as the main retailer of Android’s apps. The company’s new Amazon app market, scheduled to open sometime “later this year,” will attempt to be closer to Apple’s App Store experience, offering a curated experience that hopes to prevent the Android catalog from being lost in a sea of knockoff junkware.