According to wikipedia:

“APP is an abbreviation for application. The filename extension .app means application in Symbian OS, SkyOS, GNUstep and Mac OS X. On the latter two systems, a .app file is actually a folder containing binaries and supporting files.”

We define an app as a container of any code and/or content a developer decides to place into it. Similar to a virtual DVD, which can have games, video, audio, ebooks, programs of any type. Although most apps do something utilitarian such as calculate your mortgage or scan UPC codes, we find many such apps as boring and not very useful to most people, so we decided a long time ago to change that. Some of our apps have video, audiobooks, ebooks, wallpaper images and ebooks all in the same app, and customers find that multimedia combination appealing and are able to utilize content in a more fun and meaningful way.

What do people want? Entertainment and information, and thats what our apps provide. When the CD came out many people complained that it wasn’t as good as a record, and in some ways it isn’t, but new format took off and the rest is history. All an app is a new format for code, and code can be anything and can eventually be played on anything. Try not to get hung up on what an app is or not, if you do you will limit your imagination and profit potential.

Most get this concept easily, and we have many satisfied customers with less than a 1% complaint/return rate, but we are having a few say our apps don’t scan UPC codes or calculate mortgages like other apps…yes they are right, we for the most part don’t make those types of boring yet useful apps, many others do, and we find that strategy very limiting long-term. We don’t do things like other developers, thats why we are public and one of the top revenue generators in mobile apps.

Like our favorite company Apple we try to innovate and have a long term strategy that is just now starting to pay off. If you remember Apple almost went bankrupt recently when they ousted their founder and tried to model Microsoft in various ways, luckily the board was at least smart enough to bring the visionary genius Steve Jobs back in to get them on track and are now one of the biggest most successful companies the world has ever seen.

Try to remember most unfounded criticism directed towards our company and products are from competitors and people with a financial interest in seeing our stock price lower. In the end revenue growth and innovation will trump all of the short-term thinkers. The good thing about Day-traders is they create volume and a market, something all shareholders should appreciate.

Similarly, Its the content that is important not the container. Our App stores will sell movie downloads that aren’t apps, as well as app versions of movies to allow access for all devices…we are “Platform Transcending”. The consumer wants the movie and doesn’t care if its a download or an app, whatever works for them and their device. We aren’t married to apps, they are just the hottest market on the planet and we are capitalizing on that. Like we have stated before “Content is King” and we are trying to become a top player in digital distribution, whether its in apps, streams or downloads.

Also this is similar to Beta tape battle, which was technically better than VHS, but guess what won the market? We are working with the winning App format, and we are the only ones currently doing content apps in a significant way, as well as being one of the only public app companies.

There are many DVD’s, CD’s, and audiobooks that are not easily available anywhere else other than our apps, and we have customers writing every day thanking us for making that content available to them. Some of the movies we sell took millions to produce and it would be a shame if they never saw the light of day because of the death of DVD’s.

The process for getting a movie/music on iTunes on the old conventional side of the store is time-comsuming and expensive, many of our clients are very happy that we are able to proved the service of getting their content on the App Store in a few days with few if any up-front costs. Now the App store is the fastest growing part of iTunes, outselling all of Music downloads, and soon most likely every other category.

Yes we are working on games! The issue with games is that they require significant resources and may or may not sell, a risky gamble for a young company. The good news is we are in the process of creating, licensing and converting thousands of games that are not available on the iphone or other mobile devices. There is no time-line other than some games will happen sometime this year, but we do have quiz games now, similar to trivial pursuit in various categories. Games are complicated and expensive to develop, but we are working on a system to streamline and lower costs, similar to our app producing system, with the goal being to eventually have thousands of game apps. The biggest app in the world is a game, and we are not forgetting that category.

Its kind of like whenever a major industrial change occurs, horses to cars, records to cd’s, ect…you always have the old guard complaining and not understanding, reluctant to change, but the future marches on and you either get with it or get left behind. Dinosaurs became extinct for a reason…its called evolution, and its an undeniable force. We are the future and the future is now.

The Company appreciates our visionary shareholders for putting up with the naysayers and riding out the bumps in the road-its not easy being public nowadays, but things are improving in all departments.

We will do everything in our power to maximize shareholder value long-term, and like the song says “we’ve only just begun”.

Have a great weekend and expect a PR (Press Release) revenue update very soon.

BTW if pointing out a few spelling and grammar errors in a blog post are the best the naysayers can do, we are doing something right…usually the “old guard” get hung up on things that don’t matter that much…the same ones that didn’t like rock n’ roll or Elvis.