Please visit the Mediafly blog to see all the great things they have accomplished, we are very excited and honored to be working with this award winning-company…

Mediafly partnered with Ford, won the Sprint 4G app award, were recently featured in PC World, PC magazine, Yahoo app store, and won top placement in the Blackberry App World Carousel.

Mediafy has also formally announced our deal, and we have been working with their team preparing for a cross-platform launch of our apps and content that will begin next month.

The approval slow-down continues, so the Company has decided to take this time to update existing apps with new technology that will allow us to generate more revenue from apps already on sale by incorporating iAds, subscriptions and in-App ppurchases. Updating apps take a lot less time than approving new ones.

We are also busy uploading content to our in-house platform transcendent App store and providing Mediafly content to sell through new channels. This combination of strategies will allow us to create far more than 100 new apps a month, but it may not be easily viewed in iTunes because most of them will be updates and apps on other platforms. We will announce new Apps as they go live.

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