The Company wants to thank all the members past and present of the US Armed forces for their service to our conuntry. To honor all the brave men and women soldiers who have served we are making our “Top Gun Pioneers-the Real Story of Vietnam and the formation of the Top Gun School” app free for everyone this Memorial Day weekend.

The App can be found here:

Experience rare pics and videos of the early days of the Vietnam War and Top Gun as told by Tom “The Duck” Wukovitz, a decorated Navy F-4 Phantom pilot who flew with the men who were instrumental in forming the Top Gun school of San Diego. The movies and pics contained within this app are from 1966 and 1968. You will learn first-hand what it was like to be fighting MIG’s and bombing over North Vietmam with never-before seen footage taken by the pilots themselves.

In other news (Apple Insider)

A new analysis of mobile applications has found that while paid software in the iPhone App Store routinely finds success, selling software on the Android platform is a much more difficult proposition.

Analytics firm Distimo on Friday issued a new report offering an “in-depth view on download volumes in the Google Android Market.” The results show that reaching sales of more than a half-million for paid applications on Android is extremely difficult.

Distimo found that only two paid applications in the Android market have been downloaded more than 500,000 times worldwide in the history of the digital storefront. For comparison, six paid applications available on the App Store reached 500,000 in the U.S. alone in just a two month span.

The data further confirms comments made earlier this year by an Android platform manager at Google. Eric Chu told developers in January that Google is “not happy” about the limited number of mobile applications actually being purchased from the Android Market.

After less than three years of existence, Apple’s App Store has accumulated half-a-million mobile apps.

The iTunes App Store, which launched in the summer of 2008, surpassed the 500,000 milestone Tuesday morning, according to 148Apps, an iPhone app reviews blog that has been tracking the store closely.

To be clear, that’s 500,000 apps that Apple has approved — they’re not necessarily live yet. In the United States, the App Store is just shy of reaching 400,000 apps available for download.

It is estimated in 2011 over 15 Billion dollars worth of apps will be sold on iTunes, an 190% increase over 2010.

“The fact that it has taken less than three years to reach this number is remarkable,” said Jeff Scott, editor of 148Apps. “With the improved tools for developers and steady adoption of smartphone technology, I anticipate there is still a lot of runway.”-source Wired

The Company has started seeing sales from its Bikini Destination and other apps created independently and in partnership with Mediafly but agree with the analyst that Android sales are just not as robust as similar apps on iTunes yet, however the trend seems to be improving over the last thirty days and we will continue to develop for the platform independently and with partners.

Our new Beta App store is having new apps added to it on a regular basis and we recently began testing it with different traffic sources for future marketing campaigns. The store currently offers iPhone/iPad apps as well as audio/video downloads that can be played on a wide variety of devices. Non-IOS Device specific apps, and Universal Platform Transcendent apps are currently being developed.

The Company is also working on its own Facebook apps and Facebook App store and is negotiations with Facebook app developers for rights to various apps. The Company believes in time Facebook Apps will rival iPhone/iPad apps in popularity and revenues due to the incredibly large and growing user base. As of January 2011, Facebook has more than 600 million active users and 50,000 apps compared to Apple’s 500,000 apps and about 30 million devices. The Company believes the Facebook App market is young and largely untapped providing an unique opportunity for App expansion with its current cliental.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and be sure to honor and appreciate the men and women of the US Armed forces who protect our freedom every day.

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