There has been an explosion of iPad sales and it looks like Facebook is taking notice by releasing their own iPad app as well as announcing their own App store, which we believe in time will become significant competition for Apple because of Facebook’s 600 million user base.

Metatron’s i-Mobilize has already started developing our own App store that is optimized for Facebook, as well as HTML5 based Facebook apps in anticipation of these announcements.

TechCrunch and Macrumors reports that Facebook is preparing to launch a new HTML5-based mobile platform codenamed “Project Spartan” that would take on iOS on its home turf by running within the mobile Safari browser.

Facebook’s vision for Project Spartan reportedly includes integration of its Facebook Credits payment system that would allow developers to offer paid apps and in app purchases directly through the web-based platform.

AppleInsider reports that there is one analyst who believes the market for consumer tablets could top 215 million units by 2015, with the iPad expected to dominate the market’s explosive growth.

Sanford Bernstein chip analyst Stacy Rasgon issued a 49-page white paper concerning the tablet market on Friday, Barrons reports. Rasgon expects tablets to “grow like wildfire” with a compounded annual growth rate of 66 percent.

The note found consumer interest to be “staggering,” with 20 percent of individuals surveyed by the firm indicating plans to purchase a tablet in the next year. “We have never seen such a high purchasing intent for a new category in the past.”

Rasgon sees Apple dominating the market “for the foreseeable future.” In the first year of availability, Apple sold 19.5 million iPads, more than three times the number of iPhones sold in its first year, and double the initial sales of netbooks.

Metatron’s i-Molbilize has been creating new subscription apps for many of our top clients, and the submission process has begun for some of them. They are by far the most complicated Apps we have designed yet and may take longer for review and test than our other apps.

Our new Apps will work on both iPad and iPhones, like most of our past ones. After the subscription apps come out, we expect our “Netflix” type apps to begin appearing on iTunes, which will offer subscription, pay-per download and rentals of videos and audio files.

We have had 40,000+ more IOS App downloads (free and paid) since our last update, averaging over 2,000 downloads a day.

Total i-Mobilize IOS App downloads to date: 581,745

Our App Advertising program is progressing well, we had 100,000+ more ad impressions in the last thirty days than the previous thirty day time period. This is especially significant since we did not release any iAd apps in the last thirty days, a 46% month over month growth in the number of views of ads in our Apps, we are growing our advertising user base quickly.

Apr 18, 2011 – May 17, 2011: 253,450 impressions
May 16, 2011 – Jun 16, 2011: 371,264 impressions
Total i-Mobilize iAd impressions to date 986,062

We expect advertising in Apps to continue growing since most of our new subscription apps will contain iAds, and be free downloads with sample content. Many Free Apps will convert users to paid subscription or pay-per download and rental sales, so in effect we will have the best of both worlds, gaining revenue from subscribers and non-subscribers.

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