On June 22,2011, Metatron’s i-Moblize had a record 17,626 iAd impressions served on that day, for a total of 1,046,635 iAd impressions since March 2011, as reported by independent third-party stats tracker Appfigures.

Metatron (MRNJ) is one of the very few Public iPhone/iPad app companies, and the only one with 1000+ apps selling on iTunes and other platforms.

The following chart shows the how the daily rate of iAd impressions in existing Metatron/i-Mobilize iPhone/iPad apps has more than doubled in the last sixty days.

This is especially significant since the Company has not released any new iAd based apps in the last 30 days, but plans to add more iAd based apps in the near future.

Recap of Recent Metatron Events:

46% Quarter over Quarter Revenue Growth
Company turned a profit
500,000+ downloads of Apps
1,000,000 iAd impressions served
1250+ Apps developed, 1000 on sale in iTunes
2 New Video Game Apps released
Android/Roku Apps released with partner Mediafly
i-Mobilizeit.com App Store beta release (200+apps and growing)
New Content Deals signed
Auto-Recurring Subscription Apps developed, soon to be released
New Eckhart Tolle TV App released (#1 Best-Selling Author in Oprahs Book Club)
Facebook App store announced and in development

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