In response to shareholder questions about capital structure:

The Company will not increase the number of Authorized Shares or initiate a reverse split for the remainder of Q2 or Q3 2011, and have no plans to do so after those dates. All shares used in deals with vendors and content owners are restricted for a minimum of one year. Managment is committed to shareholder value and to the long-term success of the Company.

Just to be clear, there will be no increase in AS for Q2 or Q3 2011.

We understand there are groups and individuals who have a financial interest in seeing the share price decline and will post misinformation on various internet chat boards to discredit the Company.
We recommend investors do not believe what they read on internet chat board and do their own due diligence.

The Company believes the activities of these groups who post misinformation and manipulate the equity markets is a perversion of the capital system, its un-American, not fair for the retail investor, and harms all new public companies trying to raise capital and create new jobs and products in the US at a time when the Country needs it most.

If we ever do decide to increase AS sometime in the future, it will be to the benefit of long-term shareholders and the Company. There may be changes in OS, as shares become unrestricted for various reasons, but there will be no change in AS.

The Company has no plans to significantly change capital structure beyond the dates mentioned above, but reserve the right to, if management believes it benefits shareholders and the Company.

Management feels revenues are strong enough to grow and sustain the Company without significant changes in capital structure and we are committed to increasing shareholder value. We are however still looking for value-added partnerships that will help the Company reach its goals.

Unlike many of its peers, Metatron is a real and vibrant company with thousands of products, top tier content, high-profile international authors and clients, selling to thousands of customers every day. Management believes the future is very bright for the Company.

As far as the slow-down in Apps released in the recent months, we want shareholders to understand that the new Apps forthcoming are expected to make many times more revenues per unit than previous ones, yet they are more complicated and take longer to review and develop than Apps we already released.

Apple recently requested that we release less Apps, but put more content in the ones we do release, and we have agreed to do so. Some of the most content-rich apps and most profitable Apps are Kindle and Netfilx on iTunes. For example Amazon’s Kindle app is reported to gross 10% of all iTunes app store revenue, tens of millions a month in sales.

Metatron in the midst of an incredibly dynamic and fast-growing market and as a result we have to adapt on a dime to various environmental changes. The mobile app market is already more popular than the entire internet (see past blogs) and growing much faster.

Our updated business model will be more aligned with those types of content-rich Netflix type apps, thousands of titles within one App ie…rentals, subscription, pay per view. As a result the number of Apps released will be less, but the revenue per App, we believe will be much higher.

These more complicated Apps take longer to develop and longer to review than our previous ones. Rest assured we are busy 24/7 working to get these new apps on the market and are using the top programmers available to execute our vision. We have thousands of titles already licensed, so content is not an issue, however we will continue to obtain more quality content on a regular basis.

We appreciate the patience of our long-term shareholders and we wanted to let them know that there will be no increase in the AS and no reverse split for Q2 or Q3 2011, and no plans after that. The Company hope this puts to rest any doubts shareholders have about possible dilution with an increase of AS, it won’t happen anytime soon, if ever.

Update on Michael Jackson Live in Concert HD App: The Company is in the process of retaining a new Law firm specializing in Entertainment Law to expedite the negotiation process in re-releasing the MJ app. The Company obtained rights to the only High-Definition Michael Jackson Concert ever recorded and released it as an App, approved by Apple, for the iPad and iPhone on the date publicized. The Company was asked by a third-party who had legal interest in other MJ material to refrain from selling the App further for various reasons, and the Company agreed , because it believed it to be in the best interest of all parties. We consider the negotiations for the Apps re-release slow yet on-going, and have been taking steps to resolve the situation in a way that will have the most positive results for all parties, but we can not give a time-line or indication of possible outcome. To put it in perspective for shareholders, the Beatles catalog for iTunes was under negotiation for years before it was resolved and Apple had millions of dollars to commit to the venture. As an interesting side note, Metatron/i-Moblize was the first company to release any Beatles material on the iPhone/iPad, in the form of its documentary Apps.

Metatron Inc. information

One of the only Public Iphone/iPad/App Companies-stock symbol (MRNJ)-Metatron Inc.
The only Public App company with over 1000 apps for sale now on iTunes
I-mobilize is a division of Metatron Inc.
46% Quarter over Quarter Revenue Growth (145k Q1 2011)
Company is profitable
600,000+ downloads of Apps (2000+daily downloads)
$450,000+ of app sales in last 12 months, on track to more than triple sales this year.
1,000,000 iAd impressions served (45%+ monthly growth in advertising reach)
1250+ Apps developed, 1000 on sale in iTunes and other platforms
2 New Video Game Apps released, more in development
Android/Roku Apps released with partner Mediafly App Store beta release (200+apps and growing)
New Content Deals signed
Auto-Recurring Subscription Apps developed, soon to be released
New Eckhart Tolle TV App released (#1 Best-Selling Author in Oprahs Book Club)
Glenn Harrold apps released best-selling Self-Help Author/Hypnotist in UK, his apps ranked in top 200 worldwide.
Facebook App store announced and in development.

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