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We briefly mentioned in a past blog about Apples new requirements for Apps and how we had to adapt. Apple did accept new apps from us after they made the request for more content and have been very good about communicating their goals for the app store. We had already been moving in that direction but now had even more reason to do so.

MacRumours noted that Apple’s new rules for in-app purchases and subscriptions for iOS were going into effect, and certain high-profile apps such as Amazon’s Kindle app had yet to be updated to comply with the new terms. But with the calendar now having rolled over to July 1st and Kindle and other similar apps still apparently out of compliance, some have been wondering what Apple’s plans are. -Mac Rumours

Macworld now reports that Apple is indeed planning to enforce the requirements, but has provided some additional time as it works with some high-profile developers to ensure that their apps are updated. Metatrons new apps will be compliant out of the gate, and any old apps will be updated if needed.

The New York Times has begun offering digital subscriptions via Apple’s in-app subscription feature. The subscription offering puts the Times app in compliance with Apple’s revised in-app subscription guidelines. The Times rolled out its digital subscription offerings earlier this year, but they couldn’t be purchased directly in an app until recently.

The Times is now the highest profile app to work with Apple’s requirements surrounding subscriptions. Current NYT subscribers can login and access their content, and non-subscribers can quickly sign up using their iTunes accounts.-Mac Rumours

A new report indicates the iPad now holds a 1 percent share of global web browsing, more than 50 times greater than its closest competitor.

Recent statistics from analytics firm Net Applications’ NetMarketShare report show the iPad has continued to grow worldwide since its launch in early 2010. The tablet recently broke the 1 percent mark in worldwide browsing and accounts for 2 percent of browsing in the U.S.-Apple Insider

The iPad is expected to continue to pick up steam this fall with the release of iOS 5. The addition of tabbed browsing in Mobile Safari will bring the iPad’s browsing experience closer in line to the Mac and could further boost the device’s growth as a mobile browsing platform.

Smartphone sales in the U.S. have become a majority of new mobile phone sales, and Apple’s iPhone is leading that growth while Android has plateaued, according to the latest data from Nielsen.

A May survey of mobile customers in the U.S., conducted by Nielsen and released on Thursday, found that 55 percent of consumers who bought a new handset in the last three months bought a smartphone instead of a “feature phone.” It’s the first time smartphone sales have represented a majority in the U.S., and is also a major increase from 34 percent a year prior.

While Google’s Android platform was found to remain the most popular smartphone choice, representing a 38 percent share among those who own a device, Nielsen found that it’s actually Apple’s iPhone that’s seen the most growth in recent months.

Among recent phone buyers, 17 percent opted for an iPhone, compared with 10 percent when the last survey was conducted three months prior. Android remains the market leader, but sat idle at 27 percent from the previous poll to the most recent one.-Apple Insider

Recap of recent Metatron/i-Mobilize events:
46% Quarter over Quarter Revenue Growth (2010 Q4 to 2011 Q1)
Company is profitable
600,000+ downloads of Apps (2500+daily downloads)
1,000,000 iAd impressions served (45%+ monthly growth in ad reach)
450k+ total App sales according to Appfigures
1250+ Apps developed, 1000 on sale in iTunes and other platforms
2 New Video Game Apps released, more in development
Android/Roku Apps released with partner Mediafly App Store beta release (200+apps and growing)
3 New Content Deals signed last month, including 1 last week.
Auto-Recurring Subscription Apps developed, soon to be released
New Eckhart Tolle TV App released (#1 Best-Selling Author in Oprahs Book Club)
Glenn Harrold apps released best-selling Self-Help Author/Hypnotist in UK, his apps ranked in top 200 worldwide.
Facebook App store announced and in development
Netflix type apps in development

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