The Company wants to wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Day and provide a brief update on whats going on with Metatron/i-Mobilize.

The new Glenn Harrold Ultimate Hypnosis subscription app is doing well and we expect this to eventually outperform in terms of revenue all of his other popular apps combined. This is due to the auto-recurring subscription model of this new app.

Glenn’s Relax and Sleep Well App is ranked in the top 200 in over 81 countries, and has helped over 300,000 people worldwide relax and get a good night sleep.
Twenty five percent of adults and 50% of senior citizens have insomnia problems. We highly recommend it, and its Free.

We have other subscription apps currently under review at Apple for our top clients and we expect them to be released shortly.

We are also proud to announce Benjamin Bonetti’s “Lose Weight with a Hypnotic Gastric Band” audiobook has climbed to #4 in the UK in its category. Please sign up on his new fan page for more info and check out all his great apps on iTunes.

Another new type of app that is under review is a media rental app, similar to Netflix but without the monthly subscription, whereby the customer can purchase media for a certain amount of time, then it expires.
Our research indicates this will be popular with both customers and clients, and Apple has given its blessing to this type of business model.

Our iAds impressions are now at 2.3 Million, app downloads reached 782,039 total on Sept 4th, up 5% in August 2011 as compared to July 2011.-Appfigures

Our Facebook store is coming along and we should have something to show the public in the near future. A number of our clients have expressed interest in having us create and manage their Facebook stores, and we may formally offer that service soon. We believe Facebook may eventually surpass the Web in overall e-commerce revenue, because of its growing popularity and the fact many users do not want to leave Facebook to make online purchases.

We recently signed the following content deals and will be creating various apps for the following clients (more to be announced at a later date):

Effective Learning Systems

RawFood Foundation Canada (leaders in worldwide Raw Food movement)

Dave Large Hypnotist (a top hypnotist from Canada)

Oliver “Ollie” Lang (Paintball World Champion-instuctional series)

We also received an special order for a custom subscription app by
Eckhart Tolle TV.

Eckhart Tolle is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Power of Now (translated into 33 languages) and the highly acclaimed follow-up A New Earth, which are widely regarded as two of the most influential spiritual books of our time. Eckhart’s a New Earth Webinar Class with Oprah was one of the most watched live internet events in history with over 35 million people tuning in. His books have sold over 7 million copies in North America alone.

Eckhart will be doing a special event with Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass in Maui next month and we encourage anyone who may be interested to attend:

Recent Company Events:

101% Year over Year Revenue Growth (2010 Q2 to 2011 Q2)
Company is profitable
New Subscription App for Sale on iTunes with more in Review.
New Rental App in Review
780,000+ downloads of Apps, daily downloads up 5% in last month
2.3M iAd impressions served with 30,000+ requests a day.
540k+ total App sales according to Appfigures
1250+ Apps developed, 1000 on sale in iTunes and other platforms
2 New Video Game Apps released, more in development
Android/Roku Apps released with partner Mediafly App Store beta release (200+apps and growing)
New Content Deals signed recently
16 Eckhart Tolle TV Apps released (#1 Best-Selling Author in Oprahs Book Club)
Glenn Harrold apps released best-selling Self-Help Author/Hypnotist in UK, his apps ranked in top 200 worldwide.
Facebook App store announced and in development
Netflix type apps in development
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