After we made some improvements to our free apps iAds are starting to take off again…37% higher revenue for iAds this month so far compared to last month.

see following graph for growth trendline:

The Company expects to launch a number of free iAd based apps this month on various white label accounts to capitalize on recent improved iAds performance.

We are also revamping our Android software to adjust to all the new devices appearing on the market and expect to start adding more Android apps once thats complete.

In appreciation to our long-term shareholders the Company has extended its policy of no increase in Authorized Shares and no Reverse Split through Q3 2012.

We added two new white label accounts this week, and Travel Video Store. New apps will be appearing soon under those accounts.

Industry News:

The new high res iPad 3 launch is great news for our Apps, many of which are designed for larger and higher definition screens:

Apple’s new iPad proved to be another hot seller, as stores in certain countries open its doors to a long queue of buyers today. On March 16 at 8:00 a.m., the Cupertino-based company started selling its new tablet to nine countries including Canada, Singapore, France and UK.

According to research firm Gartner, tablet sales are expected to increase to 326 million by 2015, with Apple dominating the market. Meanwhile, the new iPad’s predecessor dropped its price to $399. Because of the hype, analysts expect that Apple will surpass iPad 2’s sales record.

Other Recent Company News:
11 consecutive quarters of year over year revenue growth
104% increase in Revenue first 9 months of 2011 as compared to 2010
37% decrease in Expenses first 9 months of 2011 as compared to 2010
New Subscription App Contract Signed with Eckhart Tolle Teachings
(#1 all-time best selling author in Oprah’s Book Club, est. 35 million people watched his webinar with Oprah in 2008, 8 million+ books sold, ranked #1 most spiritually influential person in the world by Watkins Review)
No Reverse Splits and no increase in Authorized Shares through 2012 Q3
100+ iPhone/iPad apps updates released into “new” catagory in the last 60 days
Facebook App store now online in beta, more products to be added soon.
225+ Android apps for sale now
1950+ apps developed (all Platforms)
1500+ iPhone/iPad apps for sale on iTunes
1,250,000+ App downloads
500,000+ App Updates
775k+ of Total App Sales Worldwide
52% of all App Sales are international
4,000,000+ iAd impressions
New Subscription apps released
2 Video Game Apps released, more in development
30 Eckhart Tolle Apps released on iTunes, Android apps soon to be released.
Glenn Harrold apps released best-selling Self-Help Author/Hypnotist in UK, his apps ranked in top 200 worldwide.
Less than 1% return/refund rate
New Movie/Video Subsciption apps in late-stage development and testing phase.
White Label App Development now available to clients.
New Digital Distribution Channels offered to clients:
Amazon, iTunes Music Store, E-Music (#2 digital music retailer) Rhapsody, Napster, MySpace Music, Spotify (Europe’s most popular streaming service), Verizon V-cast, Nokia, Last.Fm, MediaNet (formally MusicNet), Tradebit, 24/7 Entertainment, 7 digital, MOG, Myxer (46 million users, in top ten most visited website ), iHeartRadio (on 750 radio stations), and Deezer (top French streaming service with 20 million users).
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