11 Apps in the Top 200 Grossing in the USA (by category) for Apple iOS on Wednesday, December 4, 2013.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 (10:30 AM ET Snapshot)
MRNJ/i-Mobilize Top 200 Grossing United States Apple iOS (Rank/App/Device/Category/Price)
31 Relax and Sleep Well Glenn Harrold (iPhone Lifestyle Free/In-App)
52 Relax and Sleep Well Glenn Harrold (iPhone Lifestyle $6.99)
55 Ultimate Hypnosis – Glenn Harrold (iPhone Lifestyle Subscription)
134 Relax and Sleep Well Glenn Harrold (iPad Lifestyle Free/In-App)
135 Ultimate Weight Loss by Glenn Harrold (iPhone H & F Free/In-App)
136 Lose Weight Glenn Harrold (iPad H & F $5.99)
154 Meditation for Inner Wisdom Glenn Harrold (iPhone Lifestyle Free/In-App)
167 Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Intermediate & Advanced Maral Hadidi (iPad H & F $19.99)
176 Vinyasa Flow Yoga -Beginner Videoapp Christina Pedersen (iPad H & F $19.99)
179 Yoga: Beginner’s Flow for Everyone-VideoApp by Maral Hadidi (iPad H & F $19.99)
193 Ultimate Weight Loss by Glenn Harrold (iPad H & F Free/In-App)

In November, the company averaged nearly 8 apps a day in the Top 200 grossing (USA) in an instantaneous snapshot and by respective category. The high snapshot tally of 12 for the month occurred on November 19th.


For the month, we had 15 instances (October was 8) where one of our apps reached #1 in its respective grossing category in an individual country, and 27 (October was 22) occurrences in the Top 3.

Here is the rundown of our top rankings reached in the Month of November 2013:


On December 1 of this month, appPicker, an app review and discovery website, released an article titled “The best sleeping aid apps for iPad”. One of the 8 apps featured was Glenn Harrold’s Relax and Sleep Well (Free Version). You can view the article here:


Downloads and sales of our Full Version of Relax and Sleep Well have seen a noticeable uptick in downloads and sales since the first of the month. Yesterday morning, the app reached the top 100 paid lifestyle downloads in the United States for both the iPhone and iPad. Full Relax peaked in grossing at #26 of the iPhone, its highest rank since early October. Whether it is a result of feature articles or the holiday season, it is gratifying to see this wonderful Glenn Harrold app that has helped millions, maintain or even grow in popularity.

Industry News (AppleInsider):

Black Friday propels iPad Air growth by 51%, iPhone 5c surges 26%
New data suggests Apple saw huge sales of the iPad Air and iPhone 5c from Black Friday sales, with an analytics firm seeing a massive growth spike for both devices over the holiday shopping weekend.

The latest data from Localytics found that traffic from the iPad Air grew 51 percent this past weekend, compared to the previous weekend. That was by far the largest growth seen in new devices tracked.

Other Company Highlights:
2013 Q3 Revenues increased 14% YOY from 2012 Q3
Positive YOY revenue growth achieved 11 out of the last 12 quarters.
Share Structure: Moratorium – No Reverse Splits and No increase in Authorized Shares through 2013 Q4, no plans beyond that timeframe.
Metatron is in the Top 1.0% of all developers in terms of Apps and Downloads according to mobile analysis think tank Xyologic (xyo.net)
Metatron is a rare pure-play public mobile app company that is profitable and has more apps by far than most of its competitors.
2000+ apps developed for Apple, Google Play, and Amazon devices with less than .05% return/refund rate.

Metatron experienced a 15% increase in app downloads for 2013 YTD YOY compared to 2012.
iAD Impressions YTD totaled 18.3 million, representing a 161% increase YOY
1.9+ Million mobile app users install base on Top App Relax and Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold (#1 Grossing Lifestyle App in over 49 countries)
Over a dozen apps have reached #1 grossing in various countries and categories, and top apps are downloaded in 100+ countries daily
Top Clients: Eckhart Tolle, Glenn Harrold, Benjamin Bonetti, Sounds True, Gary Zukav, Denise Druce, Mind Motivations, Dr. Barbara Sherry Rose, NanoMechanics, TravelVideo.com

Available and in Development:
Push Notification Marketing capability
Social Media Marketing technology “Auto-Post”, with the potential to reach tens of millions now patent-pending
First Chinese and French Language iPhone/iPad App on sale now, more language translations in development.
New Subscription apps released and more in development
Movie/Video Subscription apps in development
More Mega-Apps in review and in production.
White Label App Development available to clients

Multiple Digital Distribution Channels offered to clients:
Facebook AppStore, Amazon, iTunes Music Store, E-Music (#2 digital music retailer) Rhapsody, Napster, MySpace Music, Spotify (Europe’s most popular streaming service),Verizon V-cast, Nokia, Last.Fm, MediaNet (formally MusicNet), Tradebit, 24/7 Entertainment, 7 digital, MOG, Myxer (46 million users, in top ten most visited website), iHeartRadio (on 750 radio stations), and Deezer (top French streaming service with 20 million users).

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