We are pleased to announce another MRNJ created App has been approved by Apple



“Pain Control by Glenn Harrold”
This powerful hypnosis app by best-selling self-help author Glenn Harrold has been designed to help you to control pain naturally.

That is the second app approval in less than a week…
Thanks Apple, for the speedy reviews!

It looks like right now we are scheduled to develope 2 more Glenn Apple mega-apps and 12 Glenn Android apps.

March has been a solid month for #1 Apps worldwide….

No. 1 Grossing Ranks World-Wide this month have surpassed all of February:

#1 in Egypt: GH Relax and Sleep Well Mega-App (3/1/14)
#1 in Cyprus: GH Lose Weight Now $5.99 (3/3/14)
#1 in Cayman Islands: GH Lose Weight Now $5.99 (3/9/14)
#1 in Romania: Giovanni Lordi Complete Relaxation Hypnosis Collection Mega-App (3/10/14)
#1 in Estonia: GH Relax and Sleep Well Mega-App (3/12/14)
#1 in Costa Rica: GH Relax and Sleep Well Full Version $6.99 (3/14/14)
#1 in Sri Lanka: GH Relax and Sleep Well Mega-App (3/16/14)
#1 in Lebanon: Eckhart Tolle Mega-Subscription App (3/18/14)

Industry News (appleinsider)

In China, new iOS product launches drive older device sales, expand Apple’s customer base

In most countries, when Apple releases a new iPhone model the handset quickly becomes a hot-seller as older models fall by the wayside. The opposite is true in China, according to fresh data from research firm Mixpanel.

Mixpanel’s findings shine a light on the health of Apple’s iOS ecosystem in China, a region representing the most important near-term growth potential for the company. While the country lags other markets in new device adoption, the fact that Apple’s product launches drive sales is an obvious positive; the company’s customer base in China is growing.

“In November 2013, Benedict Evans, a well-respected and widely followed analyst, shared an updated version of his famous slide deck called “Mobile is Eating the World”. This deck quickly made the rounds on social media and was highly referenced by industry and financial analysts who cover mobile. We can’t help but agree with Benedict’s conclusion. For the past five years, we have watched mobile disrupt every industry, in every country, and continue to break its own records year after year. 2013 did not disappoint.”-Flurry
According to Flurry Analytics, overall app use in 2013 posted 115% year-over-year growth.
Metatron Milestones
• In Top 1% of all developers in terms of Apps and Downloads according to Xlogic.com
• 1,950+ Apps Created, 1,500+ on Apple, 300+ on Google Play
• 3.4+ Million App Downloads to-date, 2.9+ Million App Updates to-date.
• Over a dozen of our apps have reached #1 grossing in various countries and categories, and our top apps are downloaded in 100+ countries daily.
• 2+ Million dollars in App Sales to-date, 38+ Million iAd impressions served to-date.
• Most recent 2013 3rd quarter company sales was $176,897, which represents the 6th consecutive quarter of year over year revenue growth and 11th out of the last 12. 2012 Annual Revenue was $572,391 and the company is profitable.
New Subscription App Released with Eckhart Tolle Teachings:
• (#1 all-time best selling author in Oprah’s Book Club, est. 35 million people watched his webinar with Oprah in 2008, 8 million+ books sold, ranked #1 most spiritually influential person in the world by Watkins Review)
• First Mega-app released reaches #5 in iTunes US top grossing apps Lifestyle chart (Relax and Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold)
• First Mega Chinese iPhone/iPad app on sale now
• Metatron has had more apps in the top 200 in various categories than 99% of all other developers
• Relax Mega App has reached a rank of #1 in Lifestyle Grossing in 50+ Countries since June 1, 2012 (iPhone/iPad)
• Relax Mega App has been in top 1000 Grossing Apps OVERALL out of 1 million+ iOS apps
• New Subscription apps released and more in development
• Video Game Apps released, more in development
• Glenn Harrold apps released best-selling Self-Help Author/Hypnotist in UK, his apps ranked in Top 200 worldwide, and as high as #5.
• Less than .05% return/refund rate
• More Movie/Video Subscription apps in development: AppFlix™.
• White Label App Development now available to clients.
• Developed Push Marketing Technology that directly connects hundreds of thousands of app users to new Metatron Apps
• Developed Social Marketing System called Auto-Post that potentially reaches millions via our Relax Mega-App.
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