Diviniti Publishing and i-Mobilize are teaming up to release Glenn Harrold digital product collections exclusively on Facebook.


The first products working title is

“Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Collection by Glenn Harrold”

it will include all of the following titles in one mega-download at a significant discount compared to if a customer purchased them separately:

Lose Weight Now Hypnosis mp3
Exercise & Fitness Motivation Hypnosis mp3
Weight Loss Workout Affirmation Music mp3
Spiritual Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3
Build Your Self Esteem Hypnosis mp3
Detox Your Life Hypnosis mp3
Lose Weight Introduction video
Lose Weight Hypnosis video
8 Golden Rules of Weight Loss ebook
Self-Hypnosis Guide ebook
Lose Weight in 7 Easy steps ebook
7 Golden Rules of Fitness and Excercise ebook

We will begin test marketing on Facebook this week and plan on creating similar packages for our other clients.

Funding Update:

It looks like the SEC won’t approve our potential funding deal as currently structured. We are getting suggestions from the SEC this week and working with our legal team to create a structure that will get approved.

We will release more information as it becomes available but it appears this will take more time to close than expected, and in our opinion, there is a chance it may not close at all. As always we are exploring other funding options.

Financials will be released on or before the August 14th due date.

Project Updates

Team Metatron has created a working version of the new privacy texting app code name “Blink”. After reviewing the app internally, we decided to simplify the interface, but the basic functionality of the app is working. We expect to submit the app for formal review by Apple after new interface is created, which should be soon.

Revenue Split Question:

We have been asked by a number of shareholders:
“How much money does Metatron make per app?”

Metatron makes between 20% and 50% of net revenue on apps it creates with content partners, the average comes out to 33%, most newer deals are 50%. This is after Apple or Google takes its 30% off the top.

Metatron/i-Mobilize Milestones:
• Metatron is in the Top 1% of all developers in terms of Apps and Downloads according to mobile analysis think tank Xyologic (xyo.net)
• 1,950+ Apps Created for iOS/Android platforms.
• 2013 Annual Revenue $730,751 (Record Year), 7 consecutive quarters of YOY sales growth.
• 3.6+ Million App Downloads to-date, 2.9+ Million App Updates to-date. $2+million in app sales to-date.
• Relax and Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold Mega-App has reached a rank of #1 in Lifestyle Grossing in 50+ Countries since June 1, 2012 (iPhone/iPad)
• Many popular clients including Eckhart Tolle, Glenn Harrold, Gary Zukav, Sounds True, Benjamin Bonetti and TravelVideo.com.
• Over a dozen apps have reached #1 grossing in various countries and categories, and top apps are downloaded in 100+ countries daily
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