Our Apps continue to shine world-wide. Here are our No. 1 grossing rankings by category for August 2014.

#1 in Kazakhstan: GH Lose Weight Now $5.99 (8/2/14)
#1 in Tanzania: 528hz Solfeggio Meditation $4.99 (8/5/14)
#1 in Cyprus: GH Relax and Sleep Well Full Version $6.99 (8/6/14)
#1 in Romania: Eckhart Tolle Mega-Subscription App (8/6/14)
#1 in Trinidad & Tobago: GH Relax and Sleep Well Mega-App (8/8/14)
#1 in Pakistan: 528hz Solfeggio Meditation $4.99 (8/17/14)
#1 in Uruguay: Eckhart Tolle Mega-Subscription App (8/20/14)


There is a insightful new article on huffingpost.com featuring how one person applied Eckhart Tolle’s teachings to their life and life situation. Read it here:


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Our Company News blog had a record number of sign-ups this month…

373 sign-ups for Blog: October 4, 2012
377 sign-ups for Blog: October 9, 2012
376 sign-ups for Blog: October 9, 2012
387 sign-ups for Blog: October 15, 2012
388 sign-ups for Blog: October 15, 2012
391 sign-ups for Blog: October 22, 2012
394 sign-ups for Blog: October 26, 2012
397 sign-ups for Blog: October 29, 2012
403 sign-ups for Blog: November 5, 2012
404 sign-ups for Blog: November 8, 2012
405 sign-ups for Blog: November 15, 2012
405 sign-ups for Blog: November 26, 2012
408 sign-ups for Blog: November 30, 2012
409 sign-ups for Blog: December 11, 2012
411 sign-ups for Blog: December 18, 2012
412 sign-ups for Blog: December 31, 2012
413 sign-ups for Blog:January 7, 2013
411 sign-ups for Blog: January 17, 2013
406 sign-ups for Blog: February 27, 2013
402 sign-ups for Blog: April 23, 2013
402 sign-ups for Blog: May 14, 2013
405 sign-ups for Blog: June 3, 2013
407 sign-ups for Blog: June 4, 2013
405 sign-ups for Blog: September 10, 2013
408 sign-ups for Blog: October 1, 2013
409 sign-ups for Blog: October 18, 2013
415 sign-ups for Blog: November 4, 2013
409 sign-ups for Blog: December 31, 2013
528 sign-ups for Blog: January 10, 2014
604 sign-ups for Blog: January 13, 2014
636 sign-ups for Blog: January 23, 2014
630 sign-ups for Blog: April 29, 2014
634 sign-ups for Blog: May 21, 2014
636 sign-ups for Blog: August 7, 2014
649 sign-ups for Blog: September 3, 2014

Industry News

Enter the Planet of the Apps

The app world has taken over the great digital attention span, with the U.S. population now spending 52 percent of its “digital time” on mobile apps, according to a Comscore report. Crossing the 50 percent threshold is a pretty important milestone.



Check out mobithinking.com for comprehensive global mobile stats.

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