We are happy to announce a new Benjamin Bonetti mega-app has been submitted for approval to Apple today. Updated with all-new audio and videos as well as push notifications and other features optimized for iOS8. This is the first part of a major effort to update all of Bonetti’s current apps into mega-apps which we believe will increase his sales dramatically.


Benjamin has been tearing up the UK book charts and his best-sellers can be found everywhere:
“Stress Less” is number 6 in the UK today as you can see from this pic taken a few hours ago at Victoria Train station in London.

bonetti book

The next app to be submitted will be our social media texting app “Blink” which is expected to enter the Apple Review que this week.

Shareholders have asked us why the drop off in 3rd quarter revenue and its due to a number of factors including the release of i0S 8 by Apple which created bugs for many of our apps.

We have fixed most of them and are working on the others this week. Other factors include increased competition in certain key niches we usually dominate and changing market conditions. We are making adjustments and will be releasing more apps to increase revenue in future quarters.

Another reason for revenue decline was Google had issues with some aspects of our older apps coding and temporarily took them down, as a result we are in talks to have them returned for sale. These same apps in question we approved many times by Google and have been selling for years with good reviews, so we are confident we can get them back on market, or replace them.
Google is slow to respond sometimes, so it may take time.

Shareholders have asked us if we still own rights to distribute our major clients content like Glenn Harrold, Eckhart Tolle and Gary Zukav the answer is yes, some apps have been moved due to new Apple policies and client requests. We expect to update and release new apps for all our major clients in the near future.

As usual we recommend doing your own due diligence and not getting your information from Internet message boards because they are loaded with paid bashers working for individuals and groups that like to short or manipulate our stock and the stock of many small companies. These paid bashers often distort and fabricate information in order to further their agenda and those of their employers. We are working with authorities and our lawyers to end this unethical and sometimes illegal practice.

The company has a new push-notification system using a company called Parse.com, that is now incorporated in the just submitted Bonetti app, and all future apps will have this feature. Push is very effective in marketing apps and Parse are the industry leaders in Push and other key features of apps.

Our talks with new Funders are going well and we already received a preliminary goodwill investment that we used to hire new programmers and pay off some debt, although the overall deal is not finalized. More details to follow.

We have many more innovative apps coming out over the next few quarters stay tuned!

Industry News

In a follow-up to the December 2012 Blog, titled, “We Interrupt this Broadcast”, Flurry released a new blog last week commenting on Mobile Device vs. TV use time. The key conclusion of the blog is…”Mobile Has Bumped TV as America’s First Screen”
Per Flurry: In our analysis, we found that time spent on mobile devices grew in the US by 9.3% – from 2 hrs and 42 minutes to 2 hrs and 57 minutes – in the past nine months. That is almost 3 hrs per day spent on mobile devices by the average American consumer, while time spent on TV has remained flat at 2 hrs and 48 minutes daily, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


And, what is a promising sign for App developers like MRNJ, Flurry found that growth in time spent didn’t come from top applications like games, but from groups of apps dubbed ”torso and tail” or Apps below the top 25 that are focused on health, fitness and productivity.
Flurry’s full blog makes for a good read, check it out at:

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