Its been a busy few weeks at MRNJ, as our 2014 annual report was issued in April; more iOS8 App updates have been released, including the major Eckhart Tolle Mega App refresh.

We had three new apps approved recently on a white label account, they will be released as a series of six this summer, more details to follow.

Our Dating App is still in review at Apple, and our Private Chat app will be submitted for review this month, and we have decided on a new name.

In the past few weeks, we updated…

Yoga for Weight Loss by Laura Hawes- VideoApp (Update April 3, 2015)
Yoga for Energy -Laura Hawes- VideoApp (Update April 8, 2015)
Eckhart Tolle TV -“Teachings and Tools to Support the Evolution of Human Consciousness” (Update April 2, 2015)

We are in the process of updating our entire portfolio and have hired a new programmer to help with the workload.

The Eckhart Tolle Subscription App update was a major one, with 60 second previews of all episodes available for viewing before committing to a subscription. The Airplay feature has been enabled, allowing you to project from your iPhone or iPad and watch each video episode on your TV. There is now complete access to the Eckhart Tolle TV website within the app itself and the App is fully compatible with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6.

Since the Eckhart Tolle update, we have seen an increase in interest and subscriptions in the app. For the MRNJ developed App, the new subscriptions fueled an all-time high daily grossing rank in the Lifestyle category in the United States on Sunday, April 19th, with a #24 ranking (#1405 across all App categories).

Eckhart Tolle has been quite active in expanding his outreach to the masses over the past year. ETV has a new “Pass it On” feature where followers can easily refer others to short video clips of his teachings. Last summer, Eckhart and New World Library announced a new publishing collaboration called Eckhart Tolle Editions. In this collaboration, Eckhart will identify and develop titles for the line, with most content written by other teachers and authors he has encountered over his past two decades of teaching. He will write a foreword for each title in the imprint and use his considerable social media following — 1.2 million Facebook fans, 345,000 Twitter followers, and 120,000 YouTube subscribers — to promote them.

In early April 2015, the first title in this Eckhart Editions line was published,
Parenting With Presence: Practices for Raising Conscious, Confident Caring Kids.

Find out more at this link:

This May, Eckhart Tolle TV launched a Special Section about Sleep.
“You take a journey into the Unmanifested every night when you enter the phase of deep dreamless sleep. You merge with the Source. You draw from it the vital energy that sustains you for a while when you return to the manifested, the world of separate forms.” – Eckhart Tolle


Industry News

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