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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will reclassify marijuana as a “Schedule Two” drug on August 1, 2016, essentially legalizing medicinal cannabis in all 50 states with a doctor’s prescription, said a DEA lawyer with knowledge of the matter.

Source: Santa Monica Observer

“Whatever the law may be in California, Arizona or Utah or any other State, because of Federal preemption this will have the effect of making THC products legal with a prescription, in all 50 states,” the DEA attorney told the Observer. Federal Preemption is a legal doctrine that where the US Government regulates a particular field, State and local laws are overridden and of no effect.

Other News:

The Company is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement to market hemp based products for Bluebird Botanicals.  These products will be found on the recently launched Cannaboids.com   portal.  We are one of the first companies with apps about CBD products on iTunes and were the first company to put Hemp related apps on the major apps stores.

Shareholders are asking if we are going to do a R/S, the answer is not this year and have no plans to do so.

Our new subscription site MarkSargent.com is doing well and we will be releasing more sites and apps in the near future along with general sales stats.

We are in talks with multiple parties to start similar sites and we plan on creating our own sites and integrating them into our existing portfolio of 700+ apps.  Probably our next subscription site will be fitness based, those are doing really well.

Because of the Cloud based system we use for app development now, we can update much faster with in-app purchases and recurring subscriptions.

Stay tuned this week for official PR on this topic and other news.

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We now have over 700 apps on sale, with 3 million plus in downloads and sales. Our focus lies in the health, fitness, cannibis and entertainment categories. High profile clients include Eckhart Tolle, Sounds True, Gary Zukav, Mark Sargent, Denise Druce, Mind Motivations, Effective Learning Systems, Travelvideostore.com and many others.

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