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The Pacific Beach musician  and Metatron app client was contacted by NASA several months ago. Johnson Space Center quality engineer Margaret McPhail suggested, “Wouldn’t it be cool if your music could be played aboard the ultimate station — the International Space Station?”

Before long, U.S. astronaut Robert S. Kimbrough agreed to take Turner’s music with him when he shoots into space aboard Russia’s Soyuz capsule on Sept. 23, McPhail confirmed.

“I was blown away. I immediately contacted the astronaut and thanked him,” Turner said.

Other musicians’ works have been played in orbit, but this may be the first island reggae song actually released in space.

Turner’s sudden success has been years in the making. He previously worked at Kennedy Space Center as a jet propulsion systems test engineer, then moved to San Diego to work for a private hydrogen fuel cell company. After it folded, he turned to music as a full-time career (

Now he performs his island reggae/beach rock music, primarily on guitar and ukelele, in large and small local venues, such as Humphreys, Belly Up and Winstons.

About three years ago, one of his NASA friends attended a conference in San Diego and brought some colleagues to one of Turner’s shows, resulting in a modest NASA following for the musician.

“I was really just planning on doing the usual Planet Earth release, but a zero G intergalactic orbital debut sounds good, too!” Turner jokes.


Other News:

The state of Delaware department of Corporations called yesterday and said they were working on paperwork from 9/2 but we should have our dividend related paperwork soon.  Then FINRA has to issue final approval, its moving along, slower than we wanted but it will happen.

Metatron has sold millions of dollars worth of mobile apps over the years and our apps have had millions of downloads. Many  of our apps have been in the top 200 charts on iTunes and Google Play and historical data on those rankings can be found in past blogs and press releases.

Shareholders have requested we post historical sales data for our apps due to disinformation being posted on various internet boards.  This basic information was already available for years in our quarterly reports posted on OTC Markets website, but its nice to have it summarized in a graphic.

The following graphic shows sales and download data from our main account from independent sales tracking service, who gets their data directly from Apple and Google and is a trusted source of data for thousands of developers..  This sales breakdown is only from our main account and we have actually sold  more on our white label accounts.

The profit of $2,263, 329 shown is after Apple and Google take their 30% cut off the top.  So total sales for this main account alone is actually over 3M USD.  This data is valid up to May of 2016, and since then we have sold more.



Please follow Appfigures on Twitter, we highly recommend them, and after a lot of research we have think they are the best app tracking service currently available.

Thank you Appfigures for retweeting our sales stats.



Metatron did order and receive our samples of CBD infused drinks, and are currently proceeding with our plans to produce and distribute them, and have provided a Letter of Intent to the company that will manufacture our line of drinks.



We have signed a joint venture deal with Circa Pictures to develop a crowdfunding platform for Entertainment content.  See previous PR for more info:




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