DOVER, DE–(Marketwired – December 20th, 2017) – Metatron (OTC: MRNJ), a technology pioneer specializing in the accelerated release of over 2000 apps including Cannabis based, CBD, and Vaporized™ secure chat apps via iTunes and Google Play, is pleased to report late stage development of Bitweed™, a cryptocurrency transaction and tracking app for Marijuana dispensaries and consumers that we expect to evolve into its own token/coin. Metatron will integrate this platform into existing brands like Cannaboids™ and the Vaporized app.

Metatron is pleased to announce a digital presence management deal with Livin in the Green™ inc., a premier lifestyle brand focusing on fashion and products in the hottest consumer categories. More details about contract will appear in forthcoming news.
“Our lifestyle brand journey with LIG will deliver us from cookie-cutter to the carefully curated, creating next generation consumer closeness relationships the top brands enjoy” said Metatron CEO Joe Riehl.
The Company also inked a deal recently with Sanguine Biotech Corp (SGUI) who now distributes the Metatron developed and recent updated Cannaboids™ and Vaporized Secure Chat app under its own iTunes account with Google Play soon to follow. The updated version for all the new phones is currently under development and will be submitted for review soon.
“This week on December 19 the cryptocurrency market capitalization for all digital assets has crossed a significant $609B valuation.
Ethereum (ETH) markets are up over 16 percent reaching an all-time high of over $850 per ETH. Trade volume for the digital currency has been high as ethereum markets have traded over $4.3bn in the last 24 hours. The digital asset holds the second highest market capitalization at $81bn at press time”- source
“This Blockchain disruption will likely create the largest social and financial markets the world has ever seen . There has never been a peer to peer exchange that provides a solution for lack of trust among un-related parties and its the underlying tech of Bitcoin. Cannabis is legal in about 29 states going full recreational in California next year, both multi-billion dollar Crypto and Cannabis industries deserve safe and efficient payment solutions that consumers should easily understand. We expect the Bitweed™ platform and upcoming products to eventually solve this glaring market need” said CEO Joe Riehl
This announcement coincides with the launch of, the premier one-stop website soon to be app with the latest cryptocurrency news, education, editorials, market capitalizations, trade volume and ICO alerts.
Metatron an industry leader in the field of mobile app development with over 2000 apps created, millions in sales and downloads historically, has partnered with high profile companies and clients worldwide and is poised to revolutionize the exploding crypto and cannabis industries.
Through its app development division i-Mobilize™, and as a pioneer in emerging markets, Metatron was the first company to release any Cannabis related apps on iTunes and has extensive experience in processing payments through its Just Data Billing division. Release date for the BitWeed™ app is expected first quarter of next year.
Metatron is also pleased to announce a formal offer to, a cannabis e-commerce platform for dispensaries and other retailers. will be financed partially by the issuance of preferred B series shares and we now accept Bitcoin, soon other Coins, the first being Litecoin.
Metatron approved investors can acquire Series B shares in blocks of various sizes. The first round investors will receive the highest discount. Series B shares can be redeemed through the Company, are immune to reverse splits, and will convert at 1 B share to 50,000 common shares at a discount. There are a limited number of B shares available and Metatron reserves the right to end and change offering at any time.
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